Andrew Parks
Andrew Parks
Parks Andrew
True Power Pretty Cure
Personal Info
SpeciesHuman (Magical Boy)
BirthdayApril 15th
Blood TypeO+
Height4ft 7in
Hair ColorBrown (Andrew)

Pink (Cure Rocket)

Eye ColorGreen (Andrew)

Blue (Cure Rocket)

FamilyMelissa Parks (Mother)
Home PlaceCedarbrook
First AppearanceEP1
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Rocket
LoyaltyPretty Cures
Theme ColorPink (Main)

Blue (Sub)

Andrew Parks is a Character in True Power Pretty Cure His Catchphrase is This is So Cool!

His less often used catchphrase is This is so lame.

He likes Comic Books and Video Games and is Cure Rocket


His Civilian Appearance is the Image Shown

as Cure Rocket his Hair Turn Pink and his Eyes turn Blue he wears a outfit with a short cape attached to it a pair of boots. on the outfit is his Love Mini Clock there also is a blue bow with a pink brooch on it.


Andrew is very optimistic and full of energy He often Gets nervous around his crush


Audrey Wood

Audrey is Andrew‘s Crush He tries to hide as much as possible

Robert Clark

Andrew’s Best Friend They have been friends since elementary school

Melissa Parks

Andrew’s Mom he loves his Mom a lot


Mimi is Andrew’s Fairy Partner and She tries her Best to keep Andrew out of Trouble

Cure Rocket

Cure Rocket is Andrew’s Alter-Ego


Pretty Cure! Let the Bells Ring!

This is what Andrew uses to transform into his standard form and return stolen Cure Essences

He must have his Love Mini Clock and his Cure Essence to use it

Pretty Cure! Action Up!

This is the Phrase used by Andrew to transform into his Ultimate Form He first uses this phrase in EP25

He needs his Cure Essence and His Love Mini Clock


Pretty Cure! Magical Current!

This is Cure Rocket‘s First Finisher it‘s the weakest out of his finishers

Pretty Cure! Full Moon Storm!

This is Cure Rocket’s Second Finisher First used in episode 10 it is much stronger the previous finisher

Pretty Cure! Metallic Shoot!

This is Cure Rocket’s Third and Final Standard Finisher it is the strongest of his standard finishers He first uses it in EP22

Ultimate Cure Rocket

This is the upgraded form of Cure Rocket he first used it in Pretty Cure Allstars:The Mysterious Transformation Loss? And uses it again in EP25


Pretty Cure! Ultimate Rainbow Crash!

This Finishing Attack is First used in the Movie to Defeat The Megabeast It was used again in EP35

Pretty Cure! Ultimate Shock!

This Finisher is first used in EP25

Pretty Cure! Ultimate Pulsar!

This Finisher is First used in EP45

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