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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 28 July 2017

SHPC's Future, Wiki Improvements, etc.

Hi, everyone! It's been nearly a year since my previous blog post, and months since I visited this wiki. First of all, welcome to the new editors! Nice to see people roaming around here. Anyways, let's just get to the main point since old members are probably used on how much I come back and leave and come back over and over again.

Firstly, as you read in the title, I would like to talk about Spectrum Harmony Pretty Cure!, or SHPC for short. First of all, I haven't been very active in the Pretty Cure fandom even before A la Mode premiered (and I haven't even watched at least an episode of it) and I have been hugely influenced by various fandoms between my break in this fandom. I kinda changed, I guess. Looking back in SHPC, the series was r…

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Precurefan23 Precurefan23 24 July 2017

My Day

It's just an average day of me. In my pajamas and eating junk all day. I can't help it.

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21moon24 21moon24 5 March 2017

A new all stars movie collab; open for it!

On the topic of a collab I was wondering if anyone wanted to collab an All Stars movie. I'll use my PreCure for it and the past canon PreCure so far, but I want some collab with it. With the collab we could use each other's PreCure. Give me a link to what PreCure you want to use for this ^^. Tell me what the theme should be and the name of the OP and ED including any other information. I hope you'll consider this, reader-person.

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21moon24 21moon24 20 February 2017


I was wondering if anyone on the wiki wanted to make a collabortive PreCure season. I am up for any ideas or help with it! By the way I don't mind about how many Cures we may have just more than 2 of them. I want to start another one but not a AU version of something...... I hope to work with anyone who's intrested in it soon! Just message me about it or comment.

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21moon24 21moon24 20 December 2016

How is life?

Hello! I'm 21moon24/Summer Legacy the creator of 3 of the series on here. I'm only spreading the word of one that is created by someone else. So, how has life been for you all?

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Ailiva Champ Ailiva Champ 16 October 2016

My 2020 series!

My 2020 series is called Beautiful Magical Pretty Cure!

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 29 August 2016

SHPC the PRPC Reboot, Genesis and Combo, and more important things!

Alright so, if there's still anyone alive in this wiki, as you can see, I am right now renaming a lot of my pages, specifically Spectrum Harmony!. Last May 12th I asked if I should rename my series Prism Rainbow Pretty Cure! to either Spectrum Jewel Pretty Cure! or Spectrum Harmony Pretty Cure! and SHPC was the chosen name. Now after that I eventually did renamed PRPC to SHPC and all those stuff. Then I got inactive, I got active a month later when school has begun but lasted for bit since I only just kind of checked activity at that point. A few days after that post I eventually stopped checking on this wiki due to my focus on school activities. 

Now last week a friend of mine who works with me with Goddess Elementals! suddenly chatted at …

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 17 June 2016

Just some important-ish stuff

Hallo! So, it's been a while again since I've been on this (again). But I see we're still quite editing so that's cool. For the mods, keep up trying to make this better while I'm not around and for the others, just, continue what you're doing!

I can't be on as much because school has started last week or so, and it's quite stressful; and I thought sixth grade was enough.

I am checking wiki activity almost daily, so I know at least there's some things I might need to know, so don't worry. I also try to check a lot of the wiki in weekends when I have no assignments.

I hope we continue this improvement!

Another thing is about my franchise. I dunno if I said this already though, but I would like to talk about merging my two franchises. And those f…

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 12 May 2016

PRPC New Name?

I was thinking about Prism Rainbow Pretty Cure!'s title for a while, I mean, it's a great title, but I think it's too obvious much? Considering their forms are literally Prism and Rainbow. Soooo.....I might change it.

I searched for synonyms for each word in which I realized prism+rainbow is somehow spectrum. Spectrum Pretty Cure is then the new name. Though I feel like it is lonely so I'm adding a new word into it. Spectrum is more on the color side so I thought of Spectrum Jewel. There are also Spectrum Harmony, Harmony to relate to the friendship motif. So it's somehow a debate between Spectrum Jewel or Spectrum Harmony. What do you guys think?

EDIT: So I decide to use Spectrum Harmony to show the friendship motif of the series, sooo yeah…

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 10 January 2016

Homestuck Pretty Cure Transformation Themes

Ok so it's been a while, guys, anyways, I have thought that every music in Homestuck PreCure will be music from Homestuck, and that includes the transformation themes. Now I wanna have a separate/different transformation theme per cure/troll. The group transformation, now I'm thinking of using Rex Duodecim Angelus or either some sort of a medley thing of their respective transformation themes. I'm thinking of making the kids join in as Cures but their powers would be the same as the trolls. But just in case I have thought of some for them too. So here is the list:

1. Karkat Vantas / Cure Blood- Showdown (this sounds more of a strife music [considering it's the strife music used in FANDOMALPHA and the title is somehow a synonym for strife] b…

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 7 December 2015

1 Year Anniversary!!!


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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 3 October 2015

Homestuck Pretty Cure Stuff

Haiyo! So I have A LOT of ideas popping in right now about Homestuck Pretty Cure. And here is a list of them and lemme know what you think! Should I add it in or not? Also I asked help from my Homestuck friend on deciding two things on the idea.

  • Dancestors/ancestors will be the previous Homestuck Pretty Cures, kinda like the previous Go!Pri Cures. And  maybe they could get some cameos.
  • The beta and alpha kids are Cure helpers. Yes. All of them. All 8 of them. 
  • The mascot/s would be God Cat/Becquerel.
  • Their Cure Outfits would have some sort of resemblance to their god tier outfits. The hoods and color scheme and stuffs. Sort of like the Gangs of Skaia picture if you've seen it.
  • It would be the only series to be rated PG-13 with the gore and foul…
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FairySina FairySina 12 July 2015

Pretty Cure Fandom Wiki Index

Hello minna-san and fellow Curies.

Just letting you know that this wiki has been added to the Pretty Cure Fandom Wiki Index Wiki!

Also, you are welcome to visit the wiki, add new pages, modify existing ones etc.

But remember, this wiki only shows Wikias made for the Pretty Cure fandom.

Thanks and Gokigen yo!

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 2 July 2015

I'm Back!


To peeps who still doesn't know, I will be rewriting my PRPC story in Wattpad, cause it was sloppy. I'll make it more descriptive, and POVs! If you have any suggestions for the story, I'll be very happy for it!

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CureInfinity1 CureInfinity1 30 May 2015

Need Opinions: Transformation Speech

Hello, mina-san! Infinity here~ The time has come for me to come up with the transformation speechs after the Cures transform and introduce themselfs. Im hoping for some opinions on which ones you think are better.

Cure Infinity: The infinite heart, bursting with love! Cure Infinity!

Cure Sparkle: The sparkling heart, glowing with happiness! Cure Sparkle! or The sparkling heart, radiating happiness! Cure Sparkle!

Cure Crystal: The crystallized heart, shinning with hope! Cure Crystal! or The crystallized heart, brilliant hope! Cure Crystal!

Cure Blaze: The blazing heart, boasting with passion! Cure Blaze!

Please comment on which you think is better or even add/change any if you have any ideas :)

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 30 March 2015


Gokigenyou, everyone! So......even though I don't have much info about the series, I want you all to vote you favorite series I made so far! So here is the poll:

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LeenaCandy LeenaCandy 29 March 2015

YG Entertainment vs. SM Entertainment

Anyeonghaseyo! Its me, LeenaCandy, which I am surpass of the major Entertainment Agencies in South Korea!! There is in, ★SMTown Pretty Cure!★ was one of my fanseries, which it was based on SM Entertainment. while my twelveth fanseries named ♥YG Family Pretty Cure!♥ as my spin-off of SM Entertainment and it bases on YG Entertainment.

Today, we will compare and contrast the agencies which created Korea's top rival groups. First off, we have SM Entertainment, home to top groups like Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee and others. Next up, we have YG Entertainment, the agency which most trainees want to go to. Plus, it's home to talented artists like Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY and others! We'll now compare and contrast the two agencies - SM Enterta…

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LeenaCandy LeenaCandy 29 March 2015

Condelence for Mariella de Ahalreiz

Oh no. I am feeling sad and very cried in my laptop due to the former Cure Espoir, Mariella de Ahalreiz of my series, Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆, which she was died in M!♥PC35. Until her items, powers, and all of that, was given to Emu after she was sacrificed. I'm crying due to my first deceased Cure/Character in this wiki. ~sobs~ Condelence for us, Mariella, and you will survive your hearts. T_T

The reason of her death due to fact that she was sacrificed herself due to her strong sense of her justice and she protects Musy from King Pierrot. Until her spirit and the Espoir Mirror was given to Yumeko Emu because that she was replaces her.

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LeenaCandy LeenaCandy 28 March 2015

About the Aikatsu! Series

Anyeonghaseyo! It's me, LeenaCandy, I am asking it about the Aikatsu! series to chosen from. The Aikatsu! Characters including Hoshimiya Ichigo, Kirya Aoi, Shibuki Ran, etc. Some of the series in this wiki like Sparkle! Love Pretty Cure, Aikatsu! Pretty Cure!, and Dreaming Fantasy Pretty Cure had creating about fashion, music, idols, etc. So you will create your series to been based here.

Take a note!! You will fill your favorite card guides before you fill the coords.

  • 1 Card Guides
  • 2 Cardlist
    • 2.1 School Dresses
      • 2.1.1 2013 Series / 1st Season
      • 2.1.2 2014 Series / 2nd Season
      • 2.1.3 2015 Series / 3rd Season
    • 2.2 Angely Sugar
    • 2.3 Futuring Girl
    • 2.4 Spicy Ageha
    • 2.5 Happy Rainbow
    • 2.6 LoLi GoThiC
    • 2.7 Aurora Fantasy
    • 2.8 Love Queen
    • 2.9 Magical Toy
    • 2.10 Swing RockEdit
    • 2.11 Bohemian Sk…

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 28 March 2015


Hey guys >u< Guess what! I'm back and ready to create more series! And on this blog, I'm going to announce the series name, the team's group introduction, the main motifs and it's plot! Please welcome Bright Pretty Cure! whose main motifs are Rainbows, Flowers and Gemstones

Three locations:

  • Nijinohara (虹の原 Nijinohara) - The main town.
  • Nijinohara Academy (虹の原学園 Nijinohara Gakuen) - The school that Akemi, Kohaku and Otoha attend.
  • Hikari Middle School (ひかり中学校 Hikari Chūgakkō) - The school that Rie, Ren and Namiko attend.
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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 28 March 2015

Prism Rainbow Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 1!!!!

I'm proud to present to you the second album in PRPC!!!

1. Prism Rainbow Pretty Cure! GO! (PRPC OP)

2. Rabu U~ēbu (Cure Flow's Character Theme)

3. ~Yes!~ Tomodachi Haipu! (Cure Leaf's Character Theme)

4. Saidai Enerugī ni Pātī!! (Cure Fawn's Character Theme)

5. Hitori de, Taki • Ishho ni, Hae (Cure Fall's Character Theme)

6. Gurōingu Hāto ~Yume no Tobira~ (Cure Shine's Character Theme)

7. Burūmingu Joi (Cure Floret's Character Theme)

8. MEGA MEGA! Jōnetsu no Hīto! (Cure Flame's Character Theme)

9. Ritoru Raifu • Jaianto Sandā (Cure Bolt's Character Theme)

10. Watashi no Amai to Raburī Hāto! I Love You! (Cure Blizzard's Character Theme)

11. Sunao ni Nare!!! (PRPC Cures Image Song)

12. A Gift Called Friendship! (PRPC ED 1)

So that's about it! See ya!

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CureInfinity1 CureInfinity1 27 March 2015

Cure name's changed in Prism Pretty Cure!

Hello Mine~ Cure Infinity again, this is just a blog explaining the changes I made to the Cure name's on my fanseries Prism Pretty Cure! I decided to change the names only because I thoguht they didnt really went well with the theme and I'm just so stubbron that I wanted to change them. I'm pretty sure this will be the last changes to the names (maybe)

Name changes:

Aiko Yukino/Cure Infinity (same) Suzuki haruko/Cure Sparkle (used to be Cure Sun) Aoi Kawasaki/Cure Crystal (used to be Cure April) Ren Hamada/Cure Blaze (used to be Cure Scarlet) Queen Juliet/Cure Light (same)

And thats that.. I hope that most of these Cure names arent part of any of your own fanseries on the wikia. If so, I'm very sorry but I would like to keep these names.

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 27 March 2015


So as you can see, I just recently made the page for the OP song of PRPC, and I haven't actually composed the song yet. So I need some song help! Especially it is a Japanese song. So I need some help on composing it! I have made songs but it's English. Trust me, the songs are awful (but my super-amazing-great-singer composer friend say it's a really good song! Cause she helped me make a tune for the song!). Anyways, help me please! Maybe we try make the tune if we can too! Just please help me! Just comment down below if you wanna help me! I'm the founder here!

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 21 March 2015

I dunno now XD


I just wanna say that I just played Iruna online and I named her Fukumi. Which is actually the other account name Kazumi has in her games besides *spoilers* Kafuzuku05 XD 

So yea that's it actually soooo see ya im gonna play some Iruna! I just started playing it right now XD I just beat a Chako monster.

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 14 March 2015

Incoming Series

Alright, so...heyo Forever here! So summer's coming up, and I'll be more busy! "Busy in?" BUSY IN THIS WIKI, DRAWCAST, RP, UPDATING PRISM RAINBOW AND GO TO THE WORLDS IN WATTPAD, COUNTING VOTES, COMPOSING RANDOM PARODIES USING VOCALOID SONGS, AND MORE! I won't be online for a exams are here. So now I can update freely on summer!!!! Yay!!! What more is that Midnight Grace Pretty Cure! will be making its debut on wattpad in summer as well! We're 1/3 or 1/4 done on chapter 1. But I should show a mini preview on it. Or not, I'm lazy typing. So long story short the chapter starts when Kazumi walks in the hallway for her first day in school. Where she meets her forever classmate Aqua. They had a little chit chat but the bell rang, s…

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 21 February 2015


Hi guys random blog whatsoever. Sooo how's your fan series???????? Really great? That's great mine is too even tho i got freaking 6 of them //grins like it isn't a bad thing//. But yea we have tons of cures already in 3 months! lets not forget that the anniversary of this wiki in december 8...yea i know XD mama mary right? anyways tnx a lot CureHibiki! ur the very first person to contribute in this wiki besides me. And tnx also for doing the romaji and katakana for some of the pages i ake i just cant know it lol. Tnx to CureInfinity1 too for being really active so far! Ur Prism Pretty Cure's episode 1/chapter1 is really really really cool! keep up the good work! tnx a lot for the other who contributes in this wiki! 3 months and this is how…

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CureInfinity1 CureInfinity1 12 February 2015

Hello! It's CureInfinity

Hello everyone! My name is CureInfinity1 but you can just call me Infinity. 

I've just joined this wiki about six days ago and I hope to be a really active member. As I already created my series here, I hope to ascieate with you all. If you want to chat just go to my message wall.

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CureInfinity1 CureInfinity1 8 February 2015

Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE!

The Earth Defense Club at Binan High School are a group of boys that do nothing, but be lazy. One day when two of the club members, Atsushi and En, are taking a bath in a bathhouse, a talking pink Wombat appears out of nowhere and request the two boys to help save the Earth with the power of love. Unfortunately, the bathhouse owner's son, Yumoto see the Wombat and chases after it while saying "Let me fluff you up!". The next day, the two boys and the other two club members, Io and Ryu are met with the pink Wombat ans suddenly, braclets appear and clasp onto each of the four memebers' wrist, as well as Yumoto and they are transformed into the Battle Lovers.

Hello~ This anime really struck out to me. It reminded me alot about Precure. Seeing …

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 16 January 2015


I HAVE TONS OF IDEAS ABOUT SERIES! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?! I wanna have a music-themed series, jewel-themed series, sports-themed series, flower-themed series, angel-themed series, animal-themed series, season-themed series, AND MORE!



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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 25 December 2014

Happy Bday Michiko!

I just remembered MIchiko's bday is today! Let's all say happy bday to her! No, it doesn't mean she's sixteen. It's just uhmmmm not normal bday. She'll probably turn 16 on the series itself XD

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 24 December 2014

My Pretty Cure Franchise

Sooo I've made a new series. It will be called Paradise Pretty Cure. I won't make the page yet though. Or maybe. But just the template. I'm going to work with Prism Rainbow first. When I'm almost done with stuff on it, I'll head with Sparkle! Love. Then Paradise. Then the others. Cause I'm getting confused. Sooo yea. But I'll tell you that Paradise Pretty Cure's theme is flavours. And sweets. Alright, desserts. To make it easier. Lol.

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 22 December 2014


Okay! I just added Kingdom Hearts: Pretty Cure Wielders! to the poll. If you voted last time, you're gonna have to vote again. So, happy voting and maybe the favourite series could go on the front page~

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AkihsulKaz AkihsulKaz 11 December 2014

Glad for the wiki!

Heyo everyone! So I'm so happy we have a new contributor for this wiki! I just strated this recently haha. Please please please help on expanding this wiki! If would mean a lot to the Pretty Cure Franchise!

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CureHibiki CureHibiki 10 December 2014


Hello guys. I'm CureHibiki! I just made this blog to say hello to you all! I cannot wait to start becoming active here as a user and helping this wiki grow and grow into such a big fan wiki for the Pretty Cure franchise! If you would like to chat with me, feel free to start a conversation on my message wall. 

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