Edamura Ryota
Edamura Ryota
Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure

Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure Return

Personal Info
Age12 (Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure)

13 (Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure Return)

SpeciesAdvanced Human

Magical Boy

BirthdayMay 17th
Blood TypeO-
Height4ft 9in
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorSea Blue
FamilyEdamura Keiko (Adoptive Mother)

Edamura Kenji (Adoptive Father) Queen Cherish (Real Mother)

Home PlaceCrossdale Academy
First AppearanceSWPCEP1
Voice Actor(s)Daisuke Kishinev (Japanese Civilain)

Sawashiro Miyuki (Japanese Cure Sonic) Robbie Daymond (English Civilain) Ashleigh Ball (English Glitter Sonic)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Sonic
LoyaltyPretty Cures


Theme ColorPink

Edamura Ryota (Ryan Ellis in Glitter Force Swap) is a Character In Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure And Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure Return

He is Cure Sonic (Glitter Sonic in Glitter Force Swap) And His Main Color is Pink. He is later revealed to be the Prince of Believeton Prince Ryota (Prince Ryan in Glitter Force Swap)


Before the Series

Ryota was born of Queen Cherish. But one day a New Threat Showed Up. And Ryota was hidden on Earth where He was found by the Edamura Family and Raised as their own.

Becoming a Cure

Ryota was attending Crossdale Academy when the Fairies arrived in his Dorm. Thinking the Fairies were a Hallucination Ryota shrugged them off. But when The Kage World Attacks with their Megus Ryota Becomes Cure Sonic at first he doesn’t like that he’s a girlsnf wearing pink. As He is a Guy!


Ryota is the First Lead Cure to have two voice actors in each Language

He shares his Last Name with Edamura Atsuko from Famous Girls Pretty Cure

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