Electric Shock Pretty Cure!
Erekkutoriku Shokku Purikyua!
General Information
Created byLeenaCandy
Created onApril 10, 2015
NetworkAnime News
Original RunFebruary 5, 2016 - January 24, 2017
Opening SongLet's Play! Electric Shock Pretty Cure!
Ending SongPop Wave
Let's Party Time!
Series Info
Theme(s)Card Slots
PredecessorAikatsu! Pretty Cure!
SuccessorShimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!

Electric Shock Pretty Cure! (エレクトリックーショックプリキュア! Erekkutoriku Shokku Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is directed and written by LeenaCandy. The season's motifs are Technology, Card Slots, and Stars.

Speculations (from creator)

  • It was revealed that the super form of the Cures is Electric Form (エレトリクーフォム Erekkutotiku Fomu?).
  • Liona's super form in movie was named Supersonic Cure Cable (スーパーソニックキュアケブル Supasonikku Kyua Keburu?).

The main emblem of Electric Shock Pretty Cure!


In the year 2222, the cheerful world of Galactika Cyberion, King Watts and Queen Radio were led in the Kingdom. However, a mysterious villain named "Crash", a main antagonist from R.E.B.O.O.T., which he determines to destroy it, the King and Queen, (including Prince Wire and Princess Jazz) were became mascots and it getting out to falling down to Dendosaiba.

Now, the Electric Shock Pretty Cure will start with Liona Takamachi, Opalite Terranova, Vivian Sherman, and Ebony White to saving the Galactika Cyberion.


Pretty Cures

Liona Takamachi (ライオナ高町 Raiona Takamachi?) / Cure Cable (キュアーケーブル Kyua Keburu?)

Voiced by: Nakajima Megumi
The leader in the team. Liona is smart, cute, and idolistic girl, who loves to use any gadgets. She is the President in the Dendosaiba Middle School. She loves to been a K-Pop fan and she loves to read Korean Culture, Educational, and Bible books. Liona has bouncy, long, deep pink hair, tied in white pigtails and her eyes are dodger blue. As Cure Cable, her hair turns bubblegum pink, grows longer, and her eyes became light blue. Her catchphrase is Shocking Love! (衝撃的な愛! Shogeki-tekina ai!?). As Cure Cable, she says The Electric Pink Heart of Love! Cure Cable! (愛の電気ピンクのハート!キュアケーブル! Ai no denki pinku no hato! Kyua Keburu!?). Her theme color is pink while her sub-color is sky blue. She represented the hearts and her powers are related to wires.

Opalite Terranova (オパライトーテラノーバ Oparaito Teranoba?) / Cure Bolt (キュアボルト Kyua Boruto?)

Voiced by: Imai Asami
The second member and co-leader in the team. Opalite is looks like tomboy, being loves to Math. She is the popular girl in the class, who also loves to play sports and being as a member of Math Club. She is also loves to solving Algebratic lessons. Opalite has short, yellowish brown hair with thunder shaped clip. Her eyes are dark red. As Cure Bolt, her hair turns yellow blonde, grows longer, and it ties in curly ponytail. Her catchphrase is It's Morphin Time! (それはなモフィンー時間です! Sorehana mofin jikandesu!?). As Cure Bolt, she says The Electric Yellow Clover of Faith! Cure Bolt! (信仰の電気黄色のクローバー!キュアボルト! Shinko no denki kiiro no kuroba! Kyua Boruto!?). Her theme color is yellow while her sub-color is red. She represented the clovers and her powers are related to thunders.

Vivian Sherman (ビビアンーシェルマンー Bibian Sheruman?) / Cure Neutron (キュアネウツロンー Kyua Neuturon?)

Voiced by: Park Romi
The third member in the team. Vivian loves to caring animals and plants in their own garden. She is the Vice President in Dendosaiba Middle School, being the second the highest IQs. She is also loves to doing and using chemicals. But she is also very happy and she loves to doing experiments (like Yukishiro Honoka). Vivian has medium, wavy, navy blue hair with orange headband. Her eyes are dark orange. As Cure Neutron, her hair turns light blue, and grows longer. Her earrings, choker, and hair acessory were orange. Her eyes were bright orange. Her catchphrase is Just a little of minds! (心のほんの少し! Kokoro no hon'nosukoshi!?). As Cure Neutron, she says The Electric Blue Diamond of Wisdom! Cure Neutron! (知恵の電気ブルーダイヤモンド!キュアネウツロンー! Chie no denki buru daiyamondo! Kyua Neuturon!?). Her theme color is blue while her sub-color is orange. She represented the diamonds and her powers are related to effects.

Ebony White (エボニーホワイト Eboni Howaito?) Cure Techno (キュアテクノ Kyua Tekuno?)

Voiced by: Orikasa Fumiko
The last member in the team. Ebony is cheerful, quiet girl who appears as cold personality. She loves to eating sweets and she loves to decorating and painting. She is also loves to remixing and playing songs. Ebony is the secretary in Dendosaiba Middle School and she loves to read historical cultures. Ebony has long, dark purple hair with green low ponytail. Her eyes are dark green. As Cure Techno, her hair turns thistle, and grows longer. Her catchphrase is Keep calm and be Happy! (平静そして幸せになる! Heisei soshite shiwase ni naru!?). As Cure Techno, she says The Electric Violet Spade of Joy! Cure Techno! (喜びの電気紫色スペード Yorokobi no denki muasakkiro supedo! Kyua Tekuno!?). Her theme color is purple/violet while her sub-color is green. She represented the spades and her powers are related to music.

Diane Martin (ダイアンーマチンー Daian Matin?) / Cure Surge (キュアサジ Kyua Saji?)

Voiced by: Kouda Mariko
She is the missing member in the team. Diane is very mysterious, unhappy, and quiet who appears in episode 8. She had a former villain, Poisandra, who spying herself as Diane. She was being friends with Liona sometimes. But later, she was being friends from Opalite, Vivian, and Ebony. As Poisandra, she had the powers of darkness. After she becoming a cure, she was start to smile, but she was still a little quiet. Before she meet the Cures, she had no friends ans she scares at the light. Diane had long, carmine hair and black eyes. As Cure Surge, her hair grows longer, changed to red, and it forms into bun-like ponytail. Her eyes are beconing lighy gray. As Poisandra, her hair was damaged, gray, and eyes were crimson. Her catchphrase is Shooting Dark Stars! (暗い星を撮影! Kurai hoshi o satsuei!?). As Cure Surge, she says The Electric Red Star of Passion! Cure Surge! (情熱の電気赤い星!キュアサージ! Jonetsu no denki akai hoshi! Kyua Saji!?). Her theme color is scarlet while her sub is gray. She represented the stars and her powers are related to storms and lights.

Bella Takamachi (ベラー高町 Bera Takamachi?) / Cure Wire (キュアワイヤー Kyua Waiya?)

Voiced by: Han Megumi
Bella is the twin sister of Liona. Different to her sister that both are best in school, Bella like "tomboy" things and styles while Liona likes "girly" things and styles. She is very addict at PSP, Nintendo, Wii, and XBox. Also, she was a big fan of Super Smash Bros. When Liona misses her Electronic Bracelet, Bella was wore. Until that Liona says till Bella wants to be a pretty cure, she gave a last Electric Bracelet at once. Depsite that Liona was bad in sports, Bella was very good and she want to be a pretty cure anymore. Bella has short, viridian hair, tied in ponytail and umber sienna eyes. As Cure Wire, her hair turns harlequin, grows longer, and her eyes were tan. Her catchphrase is It's my Turn! (それは私の番です! Sore wa watashi no bandesu!?). As Cure Wire, she says The Electric Green Circle of Courage! Cure Wire! (勇気の電気グリーンサークル!キュアワイヤー Yuki no denki gurin sakuru! Kyua Waiya!?). Her theme color is green while her sub is bisque. She represents the circle and her powers are related to numbers and galaxies.

Galactika Cyberion

Watts (ワット Watto?)

Voiced by:
Liona's partner who known as King Watts (キングワット Kingu Watto?). He is very matured, calm, but he is stronger. He ends the sentences with ~atsu!.

Radio (レイヂオ Reidio?)

Voiced by:
Opalite's partner who known as Queen Radio (クウィンーレイヂオ Kuwin Reidio?). She is the wife of Watts/King Watts, which she cares her children. She ends the sentences with ~dio!.

Wire (ワイヤー Waiya?)

Voiced by:
Vivian's partner who known as Prince Wire (プリンスーワイヤ Purinsu Waiya?). He is very loudy, energetic boy who like to tease sometimes.He ends the sentences with ~aiya!.

Jazz (ジャッズ Jazzu?)

Voiced by:
Ebony's partner who known as Princess Jazz (プリンセスージャッズ Purinsesu Jazzu?). She is very lovely and she is very helpful to others. She ends the sentences with ~azu!.

Lolo & Lala (ロロ & ララ Roro & Rara?)

Voices by:
There are the guardians but there are became mascots. Lolo is male and Lala is female. The are appears throghtly the half-way of the series. Lolo was a partner of Diane, which he is cool, serious, and he ends the sentences with ~roro!. Lala was a partner of Bella, which she was very cute, fluffy, and she ends the sentences with ~rara!.


The R.E.B.O.O.T. means Reset Elastic Blocking & Overloading Oster Trax.

Crash (クラシュ Kurashu?)

The main villain in the season.

The Rebooting Quad

  • Clash (衝突 Shotosu?) - the male leader
  • Interstice (隙間 Sukima?) - a beautiful crasher
  • Broken (壊れた Kowareta?) - the oldest minister
  • Krack (割れ目 Wareme?) - the youngest empress

Slow (遅い Osoi?)

A villain-in-command.

Poisandra (毒サンヅラ Dokusandura?)

Diane's former villain. But it was died after she became pretty cure.

Explode (爆発する Bakuhatsusuru?)

The monsters in the series.

Minor Characters

Leonel Takamachi (レオネル高町 Reoneru Takamachi?)

Voiced by:
Leonel is the brother of Liona, which he is looks like boy-next-door sibling.

Alvin Stronghold (アルヴィン牙城 Aru~vuin Gajo?)

Voiced by:
The childhood friend of pretty cures.

Felina Takamachi (フェリナー高町 Ferina Takamachi?) & Rex Takamachi (レクスー高町 Rekusu Takamachi?)

Voices by:
Felina is the mother and Rex is the father of Liona, which she was help her.

Lolly Watkins (ロッリワトキンス Rorri Watokinsu?)

Voiced by:
Lolly is the twin sister of the Cure's friends.


Electronic Bracelet (電子ブレスレット Denshi Buresuretto?)

The Cures' transformation item.

Electronic Saber (電子サーベル Denshi Saberu?)

The Cures' weapon.

Electronic Pens (電子ペンー Denshi Pen?)

The Cures' activator.

Electronic Pad (電子パッド Denshi Paddo?)

The Cures' main activator.



  • Electric Shock is the fourth season to use the theme color's: pink, blue, yellow and purple in that order of joining the team. The first were Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Dokidoki! Pretty Cure (not including Cure Ace) and Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
    • Interestingly, there are same similarities.
  • The names of Cures with the first named LOVED was being the same.
    • L - Liona
    • O - Opalite
    • V - Vivian
    • E - Ebony
    • D - Diane
  • Electric Shock is the second season to start with the four Cures.
  • Electric Shock is the first season to been outside of Japan.
  • Electric Shock is the first season to have all cures are good at studies.




Opening Song

Ending Song



Pretty Cure All Stars Elemagika: Yosei! Ai! Shiawase! Eien ni Kagayaku! GO! (映画プリキュアオールスターズエレマジカ:妖精!愛!幸せ!永遠に輝く! GO! Pretty Cure All Stars Elemagika: Fairy! Love! Happiness! Forever Sparkling! GO!?) - The All Stars movie features the canon cures (Max Heart-Go! Princess) with the Electric Shock! Cures (sans Cure Surge) will debuted and the locations are based from Paddle Pop Elemagika.

Electric Shock Pretty Cure! Watanabe kyuden no mirai! Gijutsu! Ai! Yujo no chikara! (映画エレトリクーショックプリキュア!渡辺宮殿の未来!技術!愛!友情のパワー! Electric Shock Pretty Cure! The future in the Watanabe Palace! Technology! Love! The power of Friendship!?) - The movie features the new villains, allies, and Liona's super form tributed. Including Cure Surge's first debut.



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