"The world blooming forever! Eternal Hanasaku Pretty Cure!"— The final speech after tranforming
Eternal Hanasaku Pretty Cure!
エターナル花サク プリキュア!
Etānaru Hanasaku purikyua!
General Information
Created onDecember 2014
Episodesunknown yet
Opening SongBlooming Pretty Cure SOAR!
Ending SongHappy Birthday~Pretty Cure!
Sekai e Saku to Egao
Series Info
SuccessorSing! Pretty Cure Queen

Eternal Hanasaku Pretty Cure! (エターナル花サク プリキュア! Etānaru Hanasaku purikyua!?, loosely translated as Eternal Flower Blooming Pretty Cure) is FairySina's first season of her Pretty Cure Series on this wiki. This season's theme is about the nature and birth flowers.


The inhabitants of the Blooming Kingdom protect the Eternal Flower from dark powers. And now a pretty powerful Darkness appeared that tries to destroy it. To keep the Eternal Flower save, a young fairy named Harumi went to Sakuya Town, to find the legendary Pretty Cures.



Hanano April (華ノ エイプリル Hanano Eipuriru?)
April is a gentle and calm young girl who is a student of Hanasaki Middle School. She likes reading and sharing the recently read stories with her friends. Her alter ego is Cure Daisy (キュアデイジー Kyua Deijī?). As Cure Daisy, she represents the month of April. Her theme color is white and her powers are based on blooming.

Mami Mizuki (真美 みずき Mami Mizuki?)
Mizuki is a nice and popular young student of Hanasaki Middle School with a graceful nature. Mizuki loves music and loves sharing it with the world. Mizuki dreams to be a famous idol one day. Her alter ego is Cure Rose (キュアローズ Kyua Rōzu?). As Cure Rose, she represents the month of June. Her theme color is red and her powers are based on love.

Ikko Sora (一光 そら Ikkō Sora?)
Sora is a cheerful and hyper active young student of Hanasaki Miidle School. Sora has a bright smile and is not often seen unhappy or sad. Her alter ego is Cure Carnation (キュアカーネーション Kyua Kānēshon?). As Cure Carnation, she represents the month of January. Her theme color is scarlet and her powers are based on luck.

Amai Sakura (甘イ さくら Amai Sakura?)
Sakura is a rather spoiled young student of Hanasaki Middle School. She addresses herself as the "Princess of Blooming", referring to her school. Her alter eog is Cure Holly (キュアホリー Kyua Horī?). As Cure Holly, she represents the month of December. Her theme color is turquoise and her powers are based on ice.


Harumi (ハルミ Harumi?)
Harumi is the main mascot of this season. She comes from the Blooming Kingdom. She ends her sentences with "~haru".

Saki Hime (サキ姫 Saki hime?)
Saki is the young princess of Blooming Kingdom. She joins the team in the middle of the season.


Dry (ドライ Dorai?)
Dry is the main villian of Eternal Hanasaku Pretty Cure! His goal is to get the Eternal Flower and destroy it. His human name is Hosu Kenji (干す けんじ Hosu Kenji?). In his human form, he is a teacher at Hanasaki Middle School.

Seina (セイナ Seina?)
Seina is the first to attack the Pretty Cures.

Nanono (ナノノ Nanono?)
Nanono is the second villian that attacks the Pretty Cures.

Tokagerin (トカゲリン Tokagerin?)
Tokagerin is the third villian that attacks the Pretty Cures.

Kumorou (クモロウ Kumorou?)
Kumoroz is the fourth villian that attacks the Pretty Cures.

Poizuned (ポイズンエド Poizunedo?)
Poizuned is a mysterious villian that appears mid-season.

Mizuoni (ミズオニ Mizuoni?)
The monsters of this season. They are created to destroy the Eternal Flower.

Other Characters

Hanano Mizu (華ノ みず Hanano Mizu?)
Mizu is July, April and May's mother. Mizu is a English teacher at Hanasaki Middle School. Her students often refer her als Mizu Hanano (ミズ華ノ?).

Hanano Yasu (華ノ やす Hanano Yasu?)
Yasu is July, April and May's father.

Hanano July (華ノ ジュライ Hanano Jurai?)
July is May and April's older sister.

Mami Tsubaki (真美 ツバキ Mami Tsubaki?)
Tsubaki is Mizuki's mother.

Mami Yoshiro (真美 よしろう Mami Yoshirō?)
Yoshiro is Mizuki's older brother.

Hanano May (華ノ メイ Hanano Mei?)
May is July and April's younger sister.

Ikko Ayumi (一光 あゆミ Ikkō Ayumi?)
Ayumi is Sora's mother.

Ikko Ayumu (一光 あゆむ Ikkō Ayumi?)
Ayumu is Sora's father.

Nyapu (んやプ Nyapu?)
Nyapu is Sora's cat.

Amai Takara (甘イ タカラ Amai Takara?)
Takara is Suzu and Sakura's mother.

Amai Suzu (甘イ 鈴 Amai Suzu?)
Suzu is Sakura's younger sister.

Shinju (シンジュ Shinju?)
Shinju is Sakura's dog.

Miyuki Kokoro (美幸 ココろ Miyuki Kokoro?)
Kokoro is Mizuki's best friend. The both are trying to form a idol group named "MiKo".

Kusabana Tsubomi (草花 つぼみ Kusabana Tsubomi?)

Koseki Ema (虹石 エマ Kōseki Ema?)





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  • Eternal Hanasaku is the first Pretty Cure season with no pink and yellow Cure.



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