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FairyMagic Precure is the 1st installment of the precure fanseries made from the Starchan Company and is based on Winx Club,an italian product made from Rainbow by Iginio Straffi.

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Everything started in a planet far away from earth that was habitated from various fairy animals. Along them,there was a girl named Iyashi, which was the princess of the kingdom they were on, Domino. Inside the temple,there were the 6 Fairy Crystals each containing an element. One day, forces from the Dark Kingdom arrived on Domino and began a war. The queen tried protecting the kingdom but her powers abandoned her so she handed the fairy crystals to Iyashi and then,her and her fairy animal,went on earth. However, right after they arrived, a monster that came from the dark kingdom attacked them. He managed to get most of the fairy crystals,Iyashi managed to protect the other two. However,she's not able to beat the monster and she'll find herself in a big loop. However,someone will come to help her...


Cure flora and hana

Hana Mizuno

Hana is a 12 years old girl. Currently in 8th grade at the Cosmic Academy. Her passion are flowers and making dresses. In fact, most of her casual clothing were made by her. She's kinda shy but manages to do everything perfectly fine.

She's known as Cure Flora, the one representing the nature element. Her companion is Nachuraru,a green dog representing nature


  • Natural Storm
  • Golden Powder
  • Nature Revenge (with the fairy crystal)

Cure Features

While other precure installments can simply jump to avoid attacks,cure flora and the others find themself with wings that not only let them fly but also need as an attack(Coming soon...)!

Fairy Animal


Nachuraru(or simply nachu)is hana/Cure Flora companion. He's a green dog with a clover shaped chest and tail. He can transform into the FairyPhone(the transformation device)just like Mipple and Mepple in Futari Wa Precure and Futari Wa Precure Max Heart.

Hana Transformation device


The FairyPhone is the device that they use to transform. Every cure has their own fairyphone representing their color and power. At some point,the fairyphone will be used to unleash the powers of the Fairy Crystals and use them as attacks(check the attacks section for Hana/Cure flora)

Coming Soon...

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