Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream
ふたりはプリキュ マジックドリーム
Futari wa Purikyua Majikku Dorīmu
General Information
Created byAnime Angel72
Created onDecember 30, 2014
Original RunJanuary 31, 2016 - January 29, 2017
Opening SongIt's Showtime! Magic Dream Start!
Ending SongMagic & Wish (Ep 1-25)
I love You (Ep 26-49)
Series Info
PredecessorDream Charge Pretty Cure
SuccessorRoyal Heart Pretty Cure

Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream is the second series Anime Angel72's Pretty Cure franchise. It's theme is Magic.


Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream Episodes

The Land of Wonder is a place filled with magic and excitement but one day it is attacked by the group Black Curse to destroy all light magic. Queen Rein quickly sends two fairies to search for the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. Now Mahouzora Aiko and Hoshikage Mika now have the ability to transform into Pretty Cure


Pretty Cures

Mahouzora Aiko (魔法空 愛子 Mahouzora Aiko) - Aiko is a delinquent who has recently got out of juvy. She can be very violent and tends to get into fights (which are usually caused by strong emotions) but is actually kindhearted. Aiko is also noted to be rather blunt, speaking freely about sensitive topics, as well as not being hesitant in pointing out others' flaws. She eventually begans dating Mika in Episode 37. Her alter ego is Cure Magic and her theme colors red. She is represented by hearts.

Hoshikage Mika (星影 美香 Hoshikage Mika) - Mika is the student council president of her school. She is mostly seen as quiet and calm. Mika is usually seen happily smiling, but can easily get sidetracked due to Aiko's personality clash, and becomes rather dark. She eventually begans dating Aiko in Episode 37. Her alter ego is Cure Wish and her theme color is blue. She is represented by stars


Kira (キラ Kira) - Aiko's fairy partner

Lune (ルーン Rūn) - Mika's fairy partner


King Shade - Ruler of Black Curse. The main antagonist of the season.

The Black Magic Quartet are a group of four members, whose role is to serve King Shade. They have the ability to infuse objects and people with deak magic to create the Kuromahous.

Jinx - The first of Shade's generals to appear.

Trick - The second of Shade's generals to appear.

Illusion - The Third of Shade's generals to appear.

Shadow - The last of Shade's generals to appear.

Kuromahou - The monsters of the season.

Other Characters

Queen Rein - The Queen of the Land of Wonder.



Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream: Journey to Wonderland! Mystery of the Missing Queen?: A feature length film featuring the Magic Dream Cures in which they travel to Wonderland where they find their queen has disappered

Vocal Albums

Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream Vocal Album 1 ~ Uta no Kibou ~

Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream Vocal Album 2 ~ Yozora no Tomodachi ~

Futari wa Pretty Cure Magic Dream Vocal Best


Kiraboshi Town - The Cures' main hometown

Kiraboshi Private Academy - The Cures' main High School.

Land of Wonder - The World where Kira and Lune come from. It is the source of all light magic. It was taken over by Black Curse.


Precure iPhone - Kira's and Lune's form on earth. they look like iPhones. To transform they need to hold hands and shout Dual Starlight Healing!

Precure Wands - The Cures' main weapon.


  • Aiko and Mika are the first cures to actually date each other

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