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Episode # Episode Title Villain Air Date
01 The Fiery Prince! Cure Phoenix is Born!
"Moeru yōna ōji! Kyua Fenikkusu ga tanjō!"
Wolven February 1, 2015
After the Pegasus Kingdom was invaded by Queen Tempest, Princess Tiara was sent to Amanogawa City to find the legendary Pretty Cure. During her misson, she meets 17-year-old, Otorishiba Ryoku, a transfer student at Amanogawa Templar High School. Is he the first Cure, Tiara is looking for?
02 The Shining Prince! The Light of Cure Saint!
"Kagayaku purinsu! Kyua Seinto no hikari!"
Wolven February 8, 2015
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03 Storming Skies! The Sparkling Cure Zeus!
"Sora o shūgeki! Kirameku Kyua Zeusu!"
Maria February 15, 2015
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