Harusaki Sakura
春咲 さくら
Harusaki Sakura
Dream Charge Pretty Cure
Personal Info
BirthdayAugust 8
Hair ColorParadise Pink (Sakura) Carnation Pink (Spring)
Eye ColorParadise Pink (Sakura) Carnation Pink (Spring)
FamilyHarusaki Bara (Mother)
Harusaki Ayame (Older Sister)
First AppearanceDCPC01
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Spring
WeaponSpring Bells
Theme ColorPink

Harsaki Sakura is one of the main protagonists of Dream Charge Pretty Cure. She's the second Cure to transform. She's very shy when talking to people.


Sakura is very shy when talking to people she doesn't know. Though when you become her friend she turns very kind and cheerful. She loves to draw especially anime and manga making her get along with Tsukiko very well.

Cure Spring

"The Blooming Flower of Life, Cure Spring!"

生命の咲く花 キュアスプリング!

Seimei no saku hana, Kyua Supuringu!

Cure Spring is Sakura's alter ego. Similer to Tsukiko she likes fast quick attacks. Sakura gains quite a bit of courage when she's transformed.



  • Dream Make-Up Kit - Is the device Sakura and the other cures use to transform with. Pretty Cure, Shining Dream Make-Up! is the official phrase used to transform with.


Yamikage Tsukiko - Sakura's energetic friend. She helps Sakura gain courage by doing some wacky things. They often love to talk about anime and manga.

Yukizora Kiyoko -

Akahara Kasai -


Harusaki - haru meaning spring and saki means to bloom. All together it means blooming spring.

Sakura - a name meaning cherry blossoms a type of flower.

All together her name means blooming spring cherry blossoms.

Cure Spring - Spring comes from the fact that most flower start to bloom in the spring.


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