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Kurayami (暗闇 Darkness?) are the main monsters in Prism Pretty Cure! that are created when a person's Jewel Heart is manipulated with their wish. The council members and Shadow King can manipulate a person's Jewel Heart. They can be defeated with a Pretty Cure's basic purification attacks. The Kurayami are made of a character or item inside the Jewel Heart.


Although each Kurayami is unique in design, they possess some similarities in their appearance. Which are being surrounded by crystals and having galaxy-like; dark purple, light blue, and blue mixed colour eyes. Their actual bodies take on an appearance related to the victim's wish.

List of Kurayami 

Image Jewel Heart Item Summoned by Defeated with Origin


Flower Misery Heart Spiral A girl's wish to grow a beautiful flower.


  • The name of Kurayami comes from "Darkness" in Japanese.
  • Like the Jikochuu, Saiark, and the Zetsuborg, they are created without fusing objects.
  • Like the Desertrians from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Jikochuu from Doki Doki Pretty Cure and Kurayami are created from peoples' hearts or psyches and speak the person's thought. However, the Jikochuu feed off of greed and passion, the Desertrians feed off of envy and low self-esteem, and the Kurayami feed off of wishes and negative affects, also when the target for a Desertrain has her or his heart taken, the body get in a glass ball, Jikochuu targets just collapses and have a black heart mark, and for the Kurayami victims, the body get in a glass orb.


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