Light Kingdom
is part of the Prism Pretty Cure! Series and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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"Did you know? In this particular kingdom, wishes were treasured dearly, they kept the place alive, and were the source of light in peoples hearts."— Unknown

The Light Kingdom (ライト王国 Raito Ōkoku?) is one of the kingdom's featured in the series Prism Pretty Cure! and is Princess Juliet and the Jewel Carriers' homeland.


Since ancient times the Light Kingdom always had some sort of internal conflict with the Shadow Kingdom; this was because of the entities the kingdoms worshiped were said to never get along. The previous king and queen (Juliet's parents) had always hated the tension between the two kingdoms and wanted to form a truce as a way for the them to all get along. This lasted for quite sometime as Juliet especially became very close to the Shadow Kingdom's first prince, Vincent. However, one day both the king and queen of the two kingdoms past away under unknown circumstance. This led Juliet, the only heir to the Lumiere family, to take over the throne as queen while only being 16 years old.