Magical Pretty Cure!
Majikaru Purikyua!
General Information
Created byUser: MGPCCureHip-Hop
Created onFebruary 2015
Original RunUndecided
Opening SongGo! Go! Enchanted Puri!
Ending SongFairy Enchanting Tale!
Series Info
SuccessorSunny Spot Pretty Cure!

Magical Pretty Cure! is the first series in MGPCCureHip-Hop ' s Pretty Cure Fanseries franchise. It's about nine 8th grader girls who protects the world from the evil creatures. The main antagonists wants to make the whole world disappear, excluding his world, so his world will become the ruler of the universe!



Pretty Cure


  • Jewel : Cure Pixie's Fairy mascot.
  • Hornlight : Cure Unicorn's Fairy mascot.
  • Flowers : Cure Garden's Fairy mascot.
  • Wings : Cure Butterfly's Fairy mascot.
  • Shiny : Cure Glitters Fairy mascot.
  • Spark : Cure Shimmer's Fairy mascot.
  • Charm : Cure Witch's Fairy mascot.
  • Seashore : Cure Siren's Fairy mascot.
  • Ears : Cure Elf's Fairy mascot.

Evil Creature Kingdom

  • Akanda: The monsters of this series.
  • Badelf: One of the evil creatures who attacks the pretty cures.
  • Badinsect: One of the evil creatures who attacks the pretty cures.
  • Destruction: The main villain of this series.

Supporting Characters


  • Precure Magical Wand: The transformation items of the cures! They transform by yelling out "Pretty Cure, Magical Enchanting Start!".


  • Magical Precure The Movie: A Grand Adventure In the Fairy Forest! - The Movie of this series! The Cures has been invited by a nature fairy, named "Gurin" to go to the fairy forest. While the cures are enjoying their stay in the fairy forest, A man named "Strange" Attack the fairy forest. The Cures are the only hope to protect the fairy forest.



  • Wakani-Tekano High School : The school where the Cures study, except for Sasami.
  • Proper Manners Academy : The school where sasami study.
  • Enchanted Forest : It is a magical and beautiful forest, where all of the magical creatures live. The hopes, hapiness, and dreams of the magical creatures are the one who makes the forest beautiful.



  • The name of this series supposed to be "Enchanted Tale Pretty Cure", but because of some valid reason, Hip-hop changes it into "Magical pretty cure!".
  • Since this is the first precure fanseries on hiphop's franchise, there's only 19 episodes. 4 of 19 episodes has been published on wattpad.
  • This is the first series where the cures need magical wands to transform.


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