Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆
Myūzu!♥Purikyua ★☆
General Information
Created byLeenaCandy
Created onMarch 21, 2015
Opening SongTime to Shine! Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆
Ending SongPurikyua Kirakira Harmony
Sparkling Fantasy
Series Info
Successor★SMTown Pretty Cure!★

Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆ (ミューズ!♥プリキュア★☆ Myūzu!♥Purikyua ★☆?) is the one of the main pretty Cure series created by LeenaCandy. The themes are elements, cards, colors, jewels, and idols.

Speculations (from creator)

  • There may be a miraculous Pretty Cure, Cure Mussete that she can uses her hearts for twenty-one pretty cures.
  • The other warrior teams name Samurai Shougun, Confectionarry Treatz, Dance Fusion, Ginga Pawa, Kagayaku Quad, Crystal Charms, and more will ading later.
  • A second mascot named Muzie wil appear thoughtly the half-way of the series.
  • Cure Espoir's mascot, Yume will also make an appearance in episode 36.
  • Hoshimiya Yuki, the twin sister of Hoshimiya Saki who had a vacation of their twins.
  • Yumeko Emu's evil counterpart, Queen Felina (named from Max: Dinoterra as a villain), which appears (and her) in episode 23.


In the rule of The Melodia Kingdom, Queen Musette was collect the Twenty Mussetes of Hearts. But a mystetious villain named King Pierrot from Shadow Kingdom was destroy the Melodia Kingdom. Then after that Queen Musette was destroyed, the twenty Hearts of Musettes are missing and were scattered. On the other hand, the Twenty Museruns will find the Twenty Warriors in the Earth to find the Pretty Cure to save the Melodia Kingdom.


There is a prophecy about the Pretty Cure that goes like this:

Twenty 15-year-old's shall answer the call,

Without the Elements and Cards, the world shall fall.

The Fantasy, Legend, Dreaming, Giggle, Soul, Romance, Warm, Quirk, Nova, Shadow, Gleam, Life, Pikelet, Time, Diva, Ice, Juice, Sensual, Fauna, and Luck shall disappear,

  • The first line refers to Hoshimiya Saki, Moribira Maya, Aokikawa Linx, Kusukusuwarai Riki, Murasaku Yuba, Akaharu Gwen, Chiyaki Hime, Hatsune Maru, Honoko Asami, Momomiya Miku, Akari Tsukino, Koyanagi Mizuke, Kitagawa Mikanki, Hoshizora Pikaru, Midori Shion, Ongaku Monique, Shinzuki Fuyu, Koizumi Jun, Hanada Tara, and Yotsuno Kiera who all agree to become the Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure.
  • Each of the girls need to possess the Twenty Musettes of the Hearts: Fantasy, Legend, Dreaming, Giggle, Soul, Romance, Warm, Quirk, Nova, Shadow, Gleam, Life, Pikelet, Time, Diva, Ice, Juice, Sensual, Fauna, Luck and without them, the Melodia Kingdom and the Universe will be destroyed.
  • Fantasies, Legends, Dreamings, Giggles, Souls, Romances, Warsm, Quirks, Novas, Shadows, Gleam, Life, Pikelets, Timed, Divas, Ices, Juices, Sensuals, Faunas, and Luckiness will disappear when the world is destroyed.
  • If the Pretty Cure can't believe in themselves and have hope that they can defeat King Perriot, then the world will be destroyed.


Pretty Cure

First Generation

Design Name
Cure Fantasy Hoshimiya Saki
Cure Legend Moribira Maya
Cure Dreaming Aokikawa Linx
Cure Giggle Kusukusuwarai Riki
Cure Soul Murasaku Yuna
Cure Romantic Akaharu Gwen
Cure Warm Chiyaki Hime
Cure Quirk Hatsune Maru
Cure Espoir Mariella de Ahalreiz (deceased) ▶ Yumeko Emu

Second Generation

Design Name
Cure Nova Momomiya Miku
Cure Shadow Akari Tsukino
Cure Gleam Honoko Asami
Cure Life Koyanagi Mizuke
Cure Pikelet Hoshizora Pikaru
Cure Time Midori Shion
Cure Diva Ongaku Monique
Cure Ice Shinzuki Fuyu
Cure Juice Kizugawa Mikanki
Cure Sensual Koizumi Jun
Cure Fauna Hanada Tara
Cure Luck Yotsuno Kiera


The RGB Trio

Design Name
Red Warrior Hoshimiya Yuki
Green Warrior Nadiya Sharapova
Blue Warrior Trini Minh


Design Name
Magenta1 Melody Watson
Cyan2 Han Ji Hyun
Yellow3 Gabriella Garcia

Melodia de Torte

Design Name
Pink Torte Shelby Watkins
Blue Torte Kimberly Diamond
Yellow Torte Miley Chan
Purple Torte Cathy Garcia

Fruity Sensation

Design Name
Red Cherry Sakuranbo Akai
Lime Apple Ringo Mia
Orange Tangelo Kizugawa Tanjero
Violet Plum Violetta Ricci
Viridian Guava Naoki Yu

Sweet Floret

Design Name
Basil Carnation Baijiru Noki
Apricot Rose Kajitsu Anzu
Rouge Daisy Rujuhi Hana

Lolita Goth!C

Design Name
Crimson Dream Yume Shinku
Navy Dream Yume Kon
Violet Dream Yume Eri
Indigo Dream Yume Aiiro

Party Pastel

Design Name
Pink Pastel Patty Walker
Blue Pastel Yollie Corsett
Yellow Pastel Danna Craig
Green Pastel Karone Williams
Purple Pastel Alberta Kaiffe

Hawaiian Tropic

Design Name
Teal Tropic Maha
Coral Tropic Reia

Rainbow Power

Design Name
Red Fire Rouge
Orange Time Kahel
Yellow Light Dilau
Green Air Gruen
Cyan Ice Lapis
Blue Water Azura
Violet Tune Berri
Pink Feeling Pinky

Samurai Shougun

Design Name
Shinken Fire Tsukiyomi Shiba
Shinken Earth Kotoha Hikari
Shinken Air Midorigawa Haruka
Shinken Water Maicy Chen
Shinken Heaven Alessa McInnis

Confectionarry Treatz

Design Name
Angel Shortcake Elize Jean
Creamy Puff Kiara Ewing
Red Velvet Rojo Marcelo
Lemon Chiffon Kristin Clarke

Kagayaku Quad

Design Name
Golden Princess Goldia Jepsen
Silver Princess Silveria Marianno
Bronze Princess Akira Yungmin
Platinum Princess Darian Cossacks


Melodia Kingdom

  • Queen Musette - the ruler of Melodia Kingdom.
  • King Mephisto - the husband of Queen Musette.
  • Prince Mist - the prince of Melodia Kingdom and the son of King Mephisto & Queen Musette.
  • Princess Mish - the princess of Melodia Kingdom and the daughter of King Mephisto & Queen Musette.
  • Musa - a monster-like creature who talks about the pretty cures.
  • Madam Melody - a Madam Momere who cares for Musa.
  • Mr. Chu - a Gold who secures the Cures.

Light Melodix Quad

  • Skyler - a leader of Light Melodix Quad, which his theme color is sky blue and he is very handsome.
  • Cerise - a co-leader, which her theme color is light pink and she is very lovely.
  • Wynona - the third and youngest of the Quad, which her theme color is yellow blonde and she is very smart.
  • Kelvin - the last member of the Quad, which his theme color is harlequin lime and he is the oldest.

Dangerous Masquerade

Supporting Characters






  • Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆: ♬Kagayaku no K@shU♬ (ミュウス!♥プリキュア★☆:輝くノ歌手 Muse!♥Pretty Cure★☆: ♬Sh!niNg S!Ng€rs♬?)
    • This movie which all of cures upgrade the Royal Form and protect the world of Utahime. And Cure Espoir's first debut.




  • The season may be referenced as of Super Sentai 199.
  • This is the first season to be a cure were died, then it replaced by another cure.


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