This is a list of episodes in Prism Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Jewel Heart Air Date
01 Beginnings - The Meeting of Destiny
始まり - 運命の会議
Hajimari - Unmei no Kaigi
Misery Purple Fluorite: Flower -
After conquering Light Kingdom, the Shadow King and his followers have started invading earth. In midst of the chaos four fairies from the Light Kingdom are sent to find the remaining Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure. As they arrive to earth they meet, Yukimura Aiko, who is told she will become the next awakened Pretty Cure. Unfortunately, an Kurayami appears later in the day and tries to manipulate her Jewel Heart. A mysterious person suddenly pushes Aiko out of the way and is captured by the monster. Aiko watches this and tries to save the boy, using the Cure Icon and Prism Commune to transform into Cure Infinity.
02 Friends - I Want to Know More About You
友達 - あなたをもっと知りたくて
Tomodachi - Anata no Koto o Motto Shiritai
Rage Yellow Topaz: Cake -
To be added.
03 Sparkle - Happiness in the Sunlight
スパーク - 日光の下で幸福
Supāku - Nikkō no Shita de Kōfuku
Misery  ??? -
To be added.
04 Denial - The Student Council President
拒否 - 生徒会長
Kyohi - Seito Kaichō
Misery  ??? -
To be added.