Queen Aurora
Ōrora Joō
Happy! Prince PreCure
Personal Info
Blood TypeA
Hair ColorBrown with gold ombre
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyPrincess Tiara (Daughter)

Knight (Son)

Home PlacePegasus Kingdom
Voice Actor(s)Inoue Kikuko (Japanese)

Nicole Oliver (English)

Pretty Cure Info
Queen Aurora (オーロラ女王 Ōrora Joō) is the queen of the Pegasus Kingdom and the mother of Princess Tiara and Knight . Her full name is Queen Aurora Celestine Pegasus (クイーンオーロラセレスティンペガサス Kuīn Ōrora Seresutin Pegasasu).


Queen Aurora wears a long-sleeved white flowing dress with gold linings and a trailing cape and white high heels. Her eyes are bright blue and her hair is brown with a golden ombre. She also sports a large golden tiara with a rainbow-hued Celestine gem in the center.


Queen Aurora is a kind-hearted ruler of the Pegasus Kingdom as well as the mother of Princess Tiara and Knight. Though gentle, Aurora is a serious woman and she sees happiness and dreams as top priorities for her people of the Kingdom and the people of Earth.


Years ago, Queen Aurora sent the five Prince Keys to Earth after defeating Queen Tempest. Years later, she sent her daughter, Princess Tiara where she can find the holders of the Prince Keys and become the Happy! Prince Pretty Cures.


Princess Tiara - Queen Aurora's daugher and princess of the Pegasus Kingdom.

Knight - Queen Aurora's son and Royal Guard of the Pegasus Kingdom.