Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure is a unoffical Pretty Cure Series it’s Motifs are Gender Swapping And believing in yourself.

I haven’t thoguht of the Character Names Yet

A English Dub called Glitter Force Swap has been confirmed to be in the works


The Kingdom of Believeton is attacked by the Evil Kage Worl d but a ancient prophecy told of 6 swapping heroes 5 would be found earlirer while the Six Emerges later. Together they will stop The Kage World. So Two Fairies. Smoni And Cromi arrive In Crossdale Academy a Boarding School whrre they meet their first Cure who’s a guy! Such a Twist wasn’t It.


Edamura Ryota/Cure Sonic

Takahashi Ryo/Cure Bow

Miyamoto Kenji/Cure Ego

Yoshitake Shinji/Cure Goldbud

Tachibana Marie/Cure Starshine



Crossdale Academy


Believe Palace

Hyperstorm Hall

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