Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure Return
Shōnen senshi purikyuaritān
General Information
Created byHino Amber
NetworkTV Tokyo

TV Asahi

Opening SongBelieve! Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure Return Ver
Ending SongMirai! Fly High Shonen!
Series Info
Theme(s)Gender Swapping,Believing In Yourself
PredecessorShonen Warriors Pretty Cure
SuccessorShonen Warriors Pretty Cure X

Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure Return is the second season It’s Plot is based off of Sailor Moon R. It had a English Dub called Glitter Force Swap The Return.


After Defeating the Kage World the Cures are taking it Easy but all of a sudden a Girl who calls herself “Runa“ arrives and a New threat! Ryota and the Cures must use their new Star System Upgrades They must stop the New Threat And Is Runa from the Future?


Edamura Ryota/Cure Sonic

Takahashi Ryo/Cure Bow

Miyamoto Kenji/Cure Ego

Yoshitake Shinji/Cure Goldbud

Tachibana Marie/Cure Starshine

New Characters

Edamura Runa

Cure Clock

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