Sing! Pretty Cure Queen
Shingu! Purikyua Kuīn
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Created byFairySina
Created onDecember 24th, 2014
Original Rununknown yet
Episodesunknown yet
Opening SongPlay the Song of Pretty Cure
Ending SongHallelujah
Long Live Rock & Roll
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PredecessorEternal Hanasaku Pretty Cure!

Sing! Pretty Cure Queen ( シング!プリキュアクイーン Shingu! Purikyua Kuīn?) is FairySina's second Pretty Cure season on this wiki. This season's theme is about music.





  • Yuuki Naomi (勇気 なおみ Yūki Naomi?)
    Naomi is a courageous young girl. She is a first year student of the Kashi First Middle School. She is the team captain of her school's Kendo Club. Some of her class mates characterize her as idol or school mascot. Naomi is pretty tomboyish and sometimes referes herself as Yuuki Naoto. Her alter ego is Cure Superhero (キュアスーパーヒーロー Kyua Sūpāhīrō?), the Pretty Cure of courage and strength.
    • Your average ordinary everyday superhero! Cure Superhero! (ヤーアベレージオーディナリーエブリデイスーパーヒーロー!キュアスーパーヒーロー! Yā Aberēji ōdinarī Eburidei Sūpāhīrō! Kyua Sūpāhīrō!?)
  • Tsukigami Lindsey (月神 リンジー Tsukigami Rinjī?)
    Lindsey is a graceful young girl. She is first year student of the Kashi First Middle School. She is a nice and lovely girl that is liked by almost everybody. Besides that, she is also pretty talented. But Lindsey hates it being called cute by others. Her alter ego is Cure Violin (キュアバイオリン Kyua Baiorin?), the Pretty Cure of dancing.
    • Somebody shine a light! Cure Violin! (サムバディ シャイン ア ライト!キュアバイオリン Samubadi shain a raito! Kyua Baiorin!?)
  • Otomi Sumire (音美 すみれ Otomi Sumire?)
    Sumire is a young girl with a strong will power. She is a first year student of the Kashi First Middle School. She will fight for the weaker no matter what happens. But she can also be pretty clumsy and forgetful. Her alter ego is Cure Rockin' (キュアロッキン Kyua Rokkin?), the Pretty Cure of justice.
    • Rockin' all over the world! Cure Rockin'! (ロッキンオールオーバーザワールド!キュアロッキン! Rokkin' ōru ōbā Za Wārudo! Kyua Rokkin!?)
  • Natsumi Airi (夏実 あいり Natsumi Airi?)
    Airi is a very energetic young girl. She is a second year student of Kashi First Middle School. She acts like a motivator for younger students. She is always in a good mood and very optimistic. If she gets mad, what happens not that often, you'd better stay away from her. Her alter ego is Cure Paradise (キュアパラダイス Kyua Paradaisu?), the Pretty Cure of positivity.
    • Back to summer paradise with you! Cure Paradise! (バックトゥーサマーパラダイス ウィズユー!キュアパラダイス Bakku To~ū Samā Paradaisu U~izu Yū! Kyua Paradaisu!?)
  • Cure Champion (キュアチャンピオン Kyua Chanpion?)
    Cure Champion is a self-confident young warrior. She is pretty success oriented. But she also helps new Cures with finding their true power. Cure Champion is the Pretty Cure of desires.
    • We'll keep on fighting till the end! Cure Champion! (ウィウィルキープオンファイティングティルジエンド!キュアチャンピオン! U~i u~iru Kīpu on Faitingu Tiru ji Endo! Kyua Chanpion!?)


  • Bell (ベル Beru?)
    Bell is a young fairy from Musik Land that was sent by Lady Aria to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. She ends her sentences with "~suzu".
  • Book (ブック Bukku?)
    Book is a young fairy from Musik Land and Bell's older brother. When Bell was sent to earth, Book decided to go with her and watch out for her. He ends his sentences with "~ku".
  • Candle (キャンドル Kyandoru?)
    Candle is a young fairy from Musik Land and Cure Champions's fairy partner. She ends her sentences with "~teru".


  • Folk (フォーク Fōku?)
    The main villian of this season. He always hated Musik Land for it's modern music styles. His goal is to erase this music from everybody's minds and then rule Musik Land with his musical ideas.
  • Slow (スロー Surō?)
    Slow works for Folk and follows the same plan. So he went to earth to start erasing the modern music of Musik Land from everybody's minds.
  • Classic (クラシック Kurashikku?)
    Classic has been long time one of Musik Land's guards. After the new music came to the land, he left Musik Land and started following Folk.
  • Opera (オペラ Opera?)
    Opera was a normal person, who lived in Otonari town until Folk came to her and gave her the power to get her beloved opera back. Her human name was Saiai Koto (最愛 琴 Saiai Koto?).
  • Boripian (ボーリピアン Bōripian?) - The monsters of this season.

Minor Characters

  • Lady Aria (レディー アリア Redī Aria?)
    Lady Aria is the proud ruler of Musik Land she sent the young fairy Bell to earth to find the legendary warriors of Pretty Cure. But her true goal was to find her daughter, Princess Angel.
  • Tsukigami Kotone (月神 コトネ Tsukigami Kotone?)
    Kotone is Lindsey's older sister. She is the student council president of Kashi First Middle School.
  • Tsukigami Wakana (月神 ワカナ Tsukigami Wakana?)
    Wakana is the aunt ot Tsukigami Lindsey and Tsukigami Kotone. She is the owner of the Crescent Karaoke Bar.



  • Heavy Headset (ヘビー ヘッドセット Hebī Heddosetto?) - The Cures' transformation item and first attack item. They transform by saying Pretty Cure Let the Music Play! (プリキュア レッド ザ ミュージック プレイ!?)
  • PreGuitar (プリギター PuriGitā?) - Cure Superhero, Cure Rockin' and Cure Paradise's second and main attack item.
  • Soundolin (サウンドリン Saundorin?) - Cure Violin's second and main attack item. "Soundolin" is short for "Sound Violin".
  • Moonlight Mike (月明かりマイク Tsukiakari maiku?)


  • This series is mostly based on FairySina's Music playlist on YouTube.
  • In this season, the introduction speeches are completly written in katakana.
  • The Cures are based on different bands/artists:
    • Cure Superhero is based on Smash Mouth.
    • Cure Violin is based on Lindsey Stirling.
    • Cure Rockin' is based on Status Quo.
    • Cure Paradise is based on Simple Plan.
    • Cure Campion is based on Queen.



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