Sonic Impact (Sparkle explosion in Glitter Force Swap) is Cure Sonic’s First Finisher In Shonen Warriors Pretty Cure


Cure Sonic:Pretty Cure! Sonic Impact!

English Dub

Glitter Sonic:Glitter Force! Sparkle Explosion

Sonic Impact Explosion!

Sonic Impact Explosion is the Upgraded Form of Sonic Impact it is First used in EP12

Cure Sonic:The Power of Love Shines Eternal! Sonic Love Stick!

Cure Sonic:This is my signature attack!

Cure Sonic:Pretty Cure! Sonic Impact Explosion!

English Dub

Glitter Sonic:I summon my Glitter Wand!

Glitter Sonic:This is a move that will surely make your heart throb!

Glitter Sonic:Glitter Force! Sparkle Explosion Smash!

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