Trunmina’s Apperance
Vital statistics
Position Dark 5
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5ft 4in
Weight 160lb
Trunmina is one of the Shadow Order’s Dark 5 She is the first to appear in True Power Pretty Cure like all members of the Dark 5 She can steal Cure Essences from people by calling out “Shadow Call!” But she likes to say 1 2 3 before calling it out and saying “Ha!”


She is very serious and cold and stubborn at times she has a fiery temper at She has released several times at her comrades


She is the second Villain to have hetrochromia (different colored eyes) along with the original form of Dark Pretty Cure from Heartcatch Pretty Cure

She is the third Female Villain to appear first along with Eas and Sasorina

She is The Villain In all the fights that trigger the Cures Transformations

She is the Youngest of the Dark 5

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