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Uehara Hiromi
Uehara Hiromi
Pretty Cure +
Personal Info
Age 15
Species Human

Magical Girl

Gender Female
Birthday June 8
Zodiac Gemini
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Home Place Seino City
First Appearance Episode 1
Voice Actor(s) Takagaki Ayahi
Pretty Cure Info
Alter Ego Cure Belle
Power Alchemy
Theme Color Blue (main)

Purple (sub)

Uehara Hiromi (上原ひろみ Uehara Hiromi?) is the deuteragonist of Pretty Cure + as well as being the Pretty Cure partner of Hirano Mio. She transforms into Cure Belle (キュアベル Kyua Beru?) and her powers are based of Hope and Alchemy.


General Information



Hiromi has long brown hair that is styled in two twin plaits that are tied by blue ribbons. Her hair reaches her chest when tied into plaits. Her fringe is swept across her forehead to the left and she has two short bangs on either side of her face that are tucked behind her ears. Her eye colour is hazel.


Cure Belle


Hiromi is a popular idol known as MiMi who attends Seino Public Academy as a third year student. She is a calm and collected girl who enjoys spreading happiness through the songs she writes. She has asperger and does have a few problems with socialising and can get quite angry but these problems hardly show through because of the help she is getting. She is very accident prone but is able to avoid these once she becomes Cure Belle. She is excellent at multi-tasking but sometimes it can lead to accidents. 



Hirano Mio:




Uehara (上原?): Ue (?) means "upper". Hara (?) means "plain". If you combine the characters together, Uehara means "Upper Plain". "Uehara" can also be read as Kamihara that means "Divine Plain".

Hiromi (ひろみ?): Hiro (?) means "broadminded" while Mi (?) means "beauty" which may be a reference to her Cure name. If you combine the characters together, Hiromi means "Broadminded Beauty". 

If you combine her whole name together, it means "Upper Plain, Broadminded Beauty".

Cure Belle: Her Cure alias is Belle, which is a French word that means "beautiful" or "fair".

Pretty Cure

Cure Belle

"Spreading hope through music, Cure Belle!"
Ongaku o tsūjite kibō o hirogaru, Kyua Beru!

Cure Belle (キュアベル Kyua Beru?) is Hiromi's Pretty Cure alter ego. She represents Hope and Beauty. Her powers are based of Alchemy, like Cure Snow. To transform, she needs her Positive Ring. She transforms by saying Miracle Curala Power!.

Cure Belle is able to perform the attack, Charming Eclipse.



"Miracle Curala Power!" - Miracle Curala Power! is the official transformation speech used by Uehara Hiromi to transform into Cure Belle.


Hiromi's voice actor, Takagaki Ayahi, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Yūki Aoi, who voices Hirano Mio.



  • Hiromi is the second blue Cure to have purple as her sub color, after Kaido Minami.
  • Hiromi is also the first blue Cure to be an idol. However, she is the third Cure to be an idol, the first two being Kasugano Urara and Kenzaki Makoto
  • Despite her Cure name being Cure Belle, her powers aren't really based of beauty or sounds. However, the bell seen on her bow may be a reference towards her name.  
  • Hiromi is the first Cure to become a Pretty Cure on her birthday. However, that episode airs three days after her birthday. 


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