Yamikage Tsukiko
闇影 月子
Yamikage Tsukiko
Dream Charge Pretty Cure
Personal Info
Age 15
Gender Female
Birthday January 7
Zodiac Capricorn
Hair Color Royal Purple (Tsukiko) Violet (Eclipse)
Eye Color Royal Purple (Tsukiko) Violet (Eclipse)
Family Yamikage Yoru (Little Brother) Unamed Parents
First Appearance DCPC01
Pretty Cure Info
Alter Ego Cure Eclipse
Power Shadows
Weapon Eclipse Harp
Theme Color Violet

Yamikage Tsukiko is the lead Cure of the fan season Dream Charge Pretty Cure. Tsukiko is her school's resident crazy person. To many people's surprise she is one of the top students in her grade. She often says things that don't make sense and makes people wonder if she is insane.

Her catchphrase is "My physiatrist asks me that all the time." When ever she is happy she shouts "Alright!"


Tsukiko has a very strange and crazy personality often never making sense. To many people's suprise she is one of the most intelligent person in her grade. Tsukiko has been known to slap people at random moments Kasai often being the one who gets slapped. While she's usually happy and kind she has been known to snap and get in a rage.

Cure Eclipse

"The Shadows of A Dark Moon, Cure Eclipse!"


Kurai tsuki no kage, Kyua Ekuripusu

Cure Eclipse is Tsukiko's alter ego. Being leader, she tends to make the first attack. She prefers quick fast attacks when fighting. Tsukiko is quick to mature when she transform.



  • Eclipse Harp - Cure Eclipse's weapon, a small, violet and white harp with a white heart adornment on and white angel wings decorating it. It allows her to use the attack Eclipse Nocturne.
  • Dream Make-Up Kit - Is the device Tsukiko and the other cures use to transform with. Pretty Cure, Shining Dream Make-Up! is the official phrase used to transform with.


Harusaki Sakura - Tsukiko's shyist friend. She helps Sakura gain courage by doing some wacky things. They often love to talk about anime and manga.

Yukizora Kiyoko - Kiyoko is often the one who keeps Tsukiko in line when she starts to do something stupid or crazy, despite this she really seems to care for her.

Akahara Kasai - Kasai like most people thinks that Tsukiko is a psycho until she got to know her. She is often the one at the end of Tsukiko's slaps.


Yamikage - yami meaning dark and kage meaning shadows. All together it means dark shadows

Tsukiko - tsuki meaning moon. Ko meaning child. So her name means moon child.

All together her name means dark shadows moon child.

Cure Eclipse - Eclipse comes from the fact eclipses cause shadows and darkness a reference to her powers over shadows


  • Tsukiko is the third cure to break the fourth wall after Misumi Nagisa and Kurumi Erika
    • It has been shown she is able to use the Hammerspace as she has been known to pull out a metal pipe out of nowhere


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