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Yes! Twinkly Pretty Cure 5
イェス! テーヰリー プリティ キュア 5
Iesu! Tēwirī Puritei Kyua Faibu
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahai
Original RunTBA
Opening Song
Ending Song
Series Info
No. of SeriesFirst out of two
Genre(s)Magical girl, fantasy
PredecessorFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Color Star
SuccessorYes! Twinkly Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Yes! Twinkly Pretty Cure 5 (イェス! テーヰリー プリティ キュア 5 Iesu! Tēwirī Puritei Kyua Faibu) is an unoffical installment to the Pretty Cure franchise and is the spinoff-sequel to Yes! Pretty Cure 5.



Yes! Twinkly Pretty Cure 5 Episodes


The characters

Pretty Cure

Kagayaku Kunshu (かがやく くんしゅ Kagayaku Kunshu) / Cure Butterfly (キュアバタフライ Kyua batafurai)

Voiced by Maki Tsubame
Kunshu is the leader of the team and a member of the her school's drama club. She is very sweet to others and super endearing. She is the pink cure and lives in a huge penthouse. Her PreCure form is Cure Butterfly.

Yamanomura Ayaka (やまのむら アャカ Yamanomura Ayaka) / Cure Leaf (キュアリーフ Kyua Rīfu)

Voiced by Moto Satomi
Coming soon!

Ishikawa Rei (いしかわ れい Ishikawa Rei) / Cure Inferno (キュアインフェルノ kyua Inferuno)

Voiced by Kurosawa Miu
Coming soon!

Nishimura Tsubame (にしむら ツバメ Nishimura Tsubame) / Cure Wink (キュアウインク Kyua uinku}}

Voiced by Yamamoto Chiyo
Coming soon!

Sato Kaede (さと かえで Sato Kaede) / Cure Future (キュアフューチャー Kyua fuyūchā)

Voiced by Sayuri-Ko
Coming soon!


Coming soon!

The antagonists

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Minor characters

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