Yusei Middle School
is part of the Prism Pretty Cure! Series and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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Yusei Middle School (遊星中学校 Yūsei Chūgakkō?) is the private school that the characters in Prism Pretty Cure! attend. Aiko, Sayuri, and Ichiro transfer there, going into their first year. With Aoi and Ren, going into their second year.


The school is described to be very big, bigger than normal schools. The front part of the school is a three story building built as a old fashion suit (with a outer wood exterior and and green roof), while the back is modelled as a white and grey four story attachment. The school includes so far, normal classrooms, laboratories, art studios, a library, kitchen, and two large connected gyms. The rooftop is accessible to student who are given permission. Outside, there is a large soccer field with a running track around it, and a black diamond. The front of the school has large silver gates and a water fountain.



Yusei Middle School's emblem.

Female Uniforms

Winter Uniforms

In the winter, the girls' uniform consists of white long-sleeved top with a white sailor collar with a single black strip and a red ribbon thats attached to the front. The skirts are white with a single black strip across the bottom hem. They also wear varying sizes and colours of socks or tights, and brown dress shoes. There does not seem to be strict rules concerning the school uniform, as Ren wears her sleeves rolled up, and the girls can match their uniform with any colour of jacket they prefer. 

Male Uniforms

Winter Uniform

In the winter, the boys' uniform consists of a black gakuen with a single white and red strip around their left arm. They wear a white dress shirt underneath and black shoes. 


Yusei (遊星?) means "planet" or "planetary" in Japanese.

Notable Students

Notable Staff


Character Uniforms